By combining coaching and psychology, Marie-Paule Haefliger accompanies her clients through their professional development and transitions, and also helps them manage and motivate their teams. 

Who benefits from coaching  

Coaching will be of benefit to anyone in a situation they wish to change or optimize:

professional positioning and credibility / professional transition / interpersonal challenges in the workplace / addressing the need to move from reaction to action / team cohesion and commitment / capacity for innovation and dynamism of teams / etc.

What coaching does

  • Helps you define your goals 
  • Leads you to grasp the magnitude of your potential 
  • Takes your aspirations and desires seriously
  • Galvanizes your potential and mobilizes it for action
  • Motivates and strengthens your ability to achieve the best from yourself
  • Works on all personal levels (rational, emotional, physical, relational, communicative)
  • Balances and improves your quality of life
  • Develops your transferable skills and your self-knowledge
  • Improves your communication and your professional relations
  • Stimulates you to create innovative solutions
  • Broadens your horizons

Specifics of the coaching + psychology approach

Thanks to her background in psychology, Marie-Paule’s coaching draws on a wealth of information and analysis applicable to the professional working environment. By working together with the client and using an action- and future-oriented approach, Marie-Paule’s coaching combines scientific knowledge and observations on your particular situation. With this creative and pragmatic approach, coaching offers you the chance to go beyond your limits and gain new perspectives which will increase your future opportunities. You will become a better leader and improve your people skills. You will develop a strategic vision and get enthusiastic about taking charge of your professional and personal life. And if you do that, you will make authentic sustainable choices, which are true to yourself and your company.