Marie-Paule Haefliger creates and runs training courses for companies and institutions. Tailor-made to client needs, her training courses are mainly focused on leadership and communication, decision-making and negotiation, time and energy management, team cohesion and emotional contagion in the workplace. Thanks to her skills in Higher Education and Educational Technology, Marie-Paule offers rich and interactive learning scenarios, which are clearly structured with different teaching formats and materials. In attending to the specifics of each client request, Marie-Paule can draw on her network of experts to ensure high-quality training.

Who are these training courses are designed for  

The mph-development training courses are designed both for industry and the public sector. They are tailored to your professional context and the specific profiles of your senior executives.

motivating teams / training managers and teams / formulating, redefining or implementing strategy and communication / etc.

What these training courses do

  • Take into account the client’s business values and culture
  • Deliver science-based knowledge
  • Provide clear and applicable information
  • Put positive practices into the service of business objectives
  • Are pragmatic
  • Offer various types of learning activities adapted to clients’ specific realities
  • Focus on sustainable, transferable learning rather than quick, fragmented learning 
  • Utilize humor and playful activities, group exercises, and creativity to support dynamic learning

Specifics of the mph-development training courses

Based on scientific research, the mph-development training courses offer active, enjoyable learning that is adapted to clients’ reality and immediately usable in the professional work environment. 

Built on current teaching principles addressed to adults, the exercises stress clarity, interaction, and variety. They can involve mixed learning plans with on-site and distance learning.